GMO Cookies (GMO) Marijuana Strain Information

Gmo strain

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, new strains are hitting the market all the time. One of the latest is GMO cookies, a potent indica-dominant hybrid with a unique taste and smell. This article will discuss the origins, effects, and reviews of this strain.

What Is The GMO Strain?

Mamiko Seeds Breeders created the GMO strain. If you've never heard of Mamiko Seeds, we'll let you in on a secret: they specialize in the dankest cannabis strains available.

The strain was created by crossing the legendary strain, Girl Scout Cookies, with the equally renowned Chemdawg.

GMO is also known by a variety of names, perhaps implying that it has an intriguing backstory. As well as GMO, you will also find it sold as Garlic Cookies and GMO Cookies.

This is due to the fact that dispensaries didn't want to offer anything labeled GMO. The letters GMO also refer to a genetically modified organism, which runs counter to the organic, natural concept of many marijuana dispensaries and smokers.

The name "garlic" comes from the intense flavor profile of this cannabis strain. For further information on how it smells, tastes, and appears, check out the rest of this article.

How Does The GMO Strain Look And Smell

how does the GMO strain look and smell


The appearance of GMO's is unusual for an indica-heavy hybrid since it resembles a sativa. The buds are thin, long, and pepper-shaped. A beautiful mix of olive green and purple hues is complemented by a bright coat of white trichomes, as well as a large number of orange hairs winding their way


The aroma of the GMO is unique and it has a distinct funk to it. When you open a bag of GMO, you're hit with a strong odor that is both familiar and difficult to identify.

A few big inhales, and suddenly you have it. The scent of the dry blend is that of a thrift shop or flea market, with an extra spoonful of curry sauce for good measure.

This aroma does not appear to be something that you would want to consume, but it is actually a surprisingly intoxicating smell that will have you reaching for the grinder.


When it comes to taste, GMO also offers a distinct flavor experience. The first inhale of GMO is pleasant, with a sweet and earthy flavor that's enjoyable.

The exhale, on the other hand, makes this smoking experience unique. It's all garlic like delectable garlic bread.The aftertaste is also unique, with hints of curry and a spicy flavor.

What Are The Effects Of The GMO Strain

The GMO weed strain has a strong and long-lasting impact. It's an Indica dominant hybrid, so you'll feel a heavy body high that will keep you on the couch for hours.

This strain's THC concentration is 28 percent, making it one of the most potent strains available on the market today.

The GMO Cookies strain has been shown to be helpful for reducing stress, sadness, and anxiety symptoms through its medical advantages. It can also treat chronic pain due to the powerful impact it has on your general health.

To understand the full effects of cannabis strains such as Indica and Sativa, we recommend reading this article.


A User From Leafly Shares:

"Without a doubt this stuff is LOUD! Think wet epoxy meets pearl onions-Stinks so good. Very fragile, grinds from a large bud to a fine smoke-ready-cannabis. Not sticky at all! Do not let this dissuade you.

Hits on the legs and knees almost instantly, dizzy and hammered like hash 2 minutes in. Must be 30+thc. Fades a little faster than most Chemdawg crosses but is pleasant. I am certain that when Cannabis becomes mainstream nationwide there will be strains like this that consumers will rely on for relaxation, sleep & to calm the mind."

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