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Sunset Sherbet Strain [Marijuana Strain 101]

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

sunset sherbet strain

Looking for a new weed strain to try out? The Sunset Sherbet might be the perfect choice for you! This Indica dominant strain is known for its delicious flavors, relaxing effects, and beautiful appearance. In this blog post, we will give you a full review of Sunset Sherbet and tell you everything you need to know before trying it out. We'll discuss its flavor profile, aroma, and appearance, as well as how it affects the mind and body. So if you're curious about this strain, keep reading.

What Is Sunset Sherbet Weed Strain?

The Sunset sherbet has been relatively unknown to consumers until recently. It has surged in popularity due to its one-of-a-kind flavor and calming effects. This Indica dominant hybrid is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, with its name deriving from the similarity of its colors to a sunset.

Sunset sherbet is known by many names. Some call it Sherbet", while others call it "Sherbert OG." No matter what you call it, this strain is sure to provide a delicious and relaxing experience.

what is sunset sherbet weed strain

Is Sunset Sherbet strain Indica Or Sativa?

Sunset sherbet is a hybrid strain. What this means is that it is a mix of both Indica and Sativa strains. However, it is predominantly Indica ( 85% Indica/15% Sativa), meaning it will provide more relaxing effects than Sativa strains.

Effects from Sherbet are strong and can be felt throughout the entire body. It is made even better by a blast of energy to the brain that creates a carefree state of mind. With THC levels at 18%, those new to cannabis should be cautious when trying this strain.

It is a perfect strain to use after a long day at work or when you need to relax and unwind. It is also a good choice for those suffering from anxiety or stress as it can help to relieve these symptoms.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Info

Below, we share information on the aroma, taste, and appearance of the Sunset Sherbet Weed Strain:

  • Aroma

The Sunset Sherbet weed strain smells fragrant and citrusy, like a fruit combined with berries and fresh earth. The smell is enticing enough to make anyone want to try it!

  • Flavor

Sunset Sherbet's flavor is just as delicious as its smell. When smoking, you will taste sweet citrus fruits and berries with a touch of earthiness. With how great this strain tastes, your mouth will be watering for more.

  • Appearance

The Flowers on this particular strain have a captivating color. The leaves are mainly ripped with dark brown ("hints of purple" ). they also Have little crystals all over them, which make the plant look "frosty. "

Sunset Sherbet Strain Effects

Below, we will discuss some of the effects that you can expect from smoking Sunset Sherbet:


The usual outcome of smoking this strain is an intensified focus. Most smokers who've tried it notice that they're able to concentrate more while under the influence of Sunset Sherbet. If you require being productive but don't want too be overstimulated, then this might be the right strain for you.

Cotton Mouth

A well-known symptom while smoking weed is experiencing a cotton mouth, or when your throat and mouth feel abnormally dry. Although it may be challenging to do so, swallowing liquids frequently will help mitigate this problem.

Treatment of Anxiety

The Sunset Sherbet marijuana strain is especially beneficial for those struggling with anxiety. The Indica qualities in the weed help to relax both the physical and mental bodies, decreasing stress levels.

Many people who suffer from social anxiety have found that the Sunset Sherbet marijuana strain helps control their symptoms while interacting with others. The Sunset Sherbet marijuana strain has also been effective in treating various types of anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

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Treatment of PTSD

The Sunset Sherbet marijuana strain is not only calming but can also help people with anxiety disorders, PTSD, and chronic stress. This is because it helps to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

Treatment of Depression

The Sunset Sherbet marijuana strain can also be used to treat depression. The hybrid's ability to relax the body and mind can help those who are struggling with negative thoughts and feelings. The Indica qualities in Sunset Sherbet can also help to improve moods by increasing dopamine levels in the brain.


The Sunset Sherbet marijuana strain is Indica-dominant, meaning it will give you more of a body high than a head high. The weed's effects are physical and mental relaxation, drowsiness, and sleepiness. So if you're looking to use cannabis before bedtime, this would be an ideal choice.

Increases Appetite

A well-known side effect of smoking weed is an uptick in appetite, often called "the munchies." This may not be something everyone wants, but it can help those trying to gain weight or who don't have a great appetite.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Summary

If you're craving something sweet and earthy, the Sunset Sherbet weed strain is perfect for you. This Indica-dominant hybrid has a delicious citrus flavor with hints of berries and sweetness. The buds are also covered in trichomes, which give them a frosty appearance.

Not only does this strain taste great, but it can also help with anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic stress, poor appetite, and lack of focus. So if you're looking for a relaxing and tasty strain to unwind with at the end of the day, look no further than Sunset Sherbet!

Where To Buy Sunset Sherbet Strain

With the influx of new smoke shops in DC, it's become difficult to determine which one is the best source for Sunset Sherbet. Below, we discuss some ways to determine which shop is the best for you:


The first thing you'll want to consider is the location of the shop. You'll want to make sure it's in a convenient location for you. If you live in the District, there are plenty of great shops to choose from. However, if you're not located in DC, you may have to search a bit harder to find a shop that sells Sunset Sherbet.


The next thing you'll want to consider is the quality of the weed. You'll want to make sure you're getting a high-quality product that's worth your money. One way to determine the quality of the weed is to read online reviews. This will give you an idea of what other people have thought of the weed before you make your purchase.


Of course, you'll also want to consider the price of the weed. You don't want to spend too much on something that's not worth it. However, you also don't want to spend too little and end up with something that's not potent. One way to find a good middle ground is to compare the prices of different shops before making your final decision.

Initiative 71 Compliant

Since Initiative 71 was passed, there have been a lot of changes in the DC cannabis scene. You'll want to make sure the shop you choose is compliant with all of the new regulations. One way to do this is to ask the shop owners if they're compliant. You can also look for signs that say the shop is Initiative 71 compliant.

With these factors in mind, you should have no problem finding weed in DC.

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