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How to Order Weed in DC?

Any weed dispensary DC will require you to have a MMC in order to buy weed in DC. But as an i71 Compliant Gift Shop in DC, Hidden Gym provides an easy and discreet shopping experience for both DC residents & tourists (No Medical Card Needed). Enjoy in-store shopping or skip the line & preorder online! Please bring your 21+ State Issued ID (Cash Only).

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Step One

Select your FREE Weed Gift from high-quality flower, edibles,  concentrates, & more. (In compliance with Initiative 71)


Step Two

Purchase a custom fitness plan from Hidden Gym with beginner, intermediate, or expert workouts.

Preorder online & skip the line when you pick up in store!

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The Hidden Gym Experience

Hidden Gym is Washington DC’s favorite source to refueling energies. We’re an i-71 Compliant store and only gift FREE premium weed products 🔥. We make getting your grip on exotic flower, concentrates, and edibles in DC seem like a warm up. A Washington DC Dispensary will require you to have a MMC, but at Hidden Gym all you need is a 21+ ID and that’s it!

We’re built like no other. If you’re trying to find weed in DC to give you that extra weekday boost or chill vibe on your rest day, you can count on us. Come by our Hidden Gym DC store or place your order online and it’ll be ready for pick up within 20 mins. Don’t forget to bring your State-Issued ID (21+ Years Old) & Cash Only.

No Other i71 Shop Does Weed
in DC Like We Do.

Whether you prefer edibles or flower, we carry the best quality recreational cannabis products in Washington DC. Don’t be fooled by sketchy “DC Weed Shops” — You can trust us to give you the best bang for your buck.

With over 1000+ (5 star) reviews , we are one of the best rated in the Nation’s Capital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike in LA or Vegas, there are no actual Washington DC dispensaries 😕. Hidden Gym does NOT sell marijuana. We gift marijuana to consumers who are 21+ with valid State IDs under the Initiative 71 Law. Consumers must purchase an item from Hidden Gym in order to receive a free gift.
Ordering Free Weed Gifts is simple and stress-free at Hidden Gym. We offer convenient in-store shopping or free in-store pick up! All you need to do is: 1. Select your free weed gift of choice from flower, edibles, concentrates, or more. 2. Purchase a Hidden Gym fitness plan to receive free i-71 gift. Must show 21+ State Issued ID (Cash Only)
We provide you with only the finest CBD in DC like edibles, vapes, and more. CBD is not psychoactive (meaning it does not get you “high unlike THC). When consumed, its effects have been proven to provide a feeling of relaxation, cures to illnesses, and homeostasis.
One person can be gifted up to one ounce within a 24 hour span. For example, Snoop D. can be gifted one ounce of flower on Monday morning and can come back again on Tuesday to be gifted another. (But he CANNOT come back that same Monday night, though.)

Here’s a quick breakdown:

• Sativa gives you a cerebral high. It is known to give you an uplifting mood & euphoric experience.

• Indica gives you a bodily high. It is known to put you in a relaxing mood & give you a chill experience. • Hybrid is a crossbreed between sativa & indica.

To maintain the health and safety of our employees and the community, we do not accept returns on flower or other gifts or purchases. (Even if you “don’t like your flower” or “your product is defective”) We may accept returns on defective carts or products. If you have any questions on your purchase, please call us at (202) 568-0094.