How to Sober Up from Weed Fast in 5 Ways

how to sober up from weed

It's no secret that many people enjoy smoking weed to relax or have a good time. However, there are also times when you may need to sober up quickly - whether it's for work, school, or a random drug test. So how do you sober up from weed?

In this article, we will discuss what marijuana highs are and talk about five effective ways that you can use to get rid of marijuana highs as soon as possible. By the end of this article, you will know how to sober up from weed easily.

What Is A Weed High?

A weed high is the euphoric feeling that a person experiences after smoking or consuming cannabis. This sensation is caused by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana. A marijuana high is often associated with feelings of relaxation and contentment.

A weed high can have a wide range of effects depending on the person. Some people state that they are joyful or calm. Others report increased appetite, sensory perception, laughter, and altered temporal.

A marijuana high also depends on several factors. Some of these include; the THC content in the cannabis, how it was consumed, and the person's tolerance all play a role in the marijuana high. The potency, quantity, and consumption method also determine how long the weed high would last.

The effects of a weed high typically peak within 30 minutes to two hours after consumption. For some people, the effects will last for a few hours.

There are two major kinds of weed, and each of them has their own unique high. Find out about them here.

5 Ways To Sober Up From Weed

5 ways to sober up from weed

There are cases where, despite your best efforts, you may find yourself needing to sober up from weed fast. Here are five ways that you can use to sober up quickly:

  • Balance It Out With Cbd

It may seem contradictory to take more cannabis to get less high. However, the plant contains a wide range of chemical components, not all of which are psychoactive.

CBD, or cannabidiol, has been discovered to lower the anxiety and intoxication associated with THC while boosting its painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD also binds to the same receptors as THC but acts on them differently, thereby balancing out THC's often overwhelming effects.

  • Take A Cold Shower Or Bath

While taking a shower may not immediately bring you back to reality, nothing beats a cold water shock. Cold showers have been shown to reduce heart rate, which is beneficial if your heart is racing from anxiety.

If you are feeling apprehensive, a warm shower or bath might help you relax - and you could even enjoy it if you listen to music and use aromatic bath products. Just be careful not to become too comfortable.

  • Chew On Some Peppercorn Or Lemon Slices

THC can be reduced by eating, drinking, or smelling terpenes that enhance alertness or lower anxiety – and you probably already have some terpenes in your cabinet.

Pinene and caryophyllene, two terpenes found in black pepper, may help to counteract THC's euphoric effects. Lemons, which contain the stress-relieving terpene limonene, may also help you relax if you are anxious about cannabis.

While drinking lemonade may assist, the best approach to get limonene into your system is to sniff or chew on the lemon rind. Pine nuts, which contain pinene and limonene, also work well.

  • Do Some Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are a great way to calm down if you feel anxious. They can also help improve your focus and concentration. Taking a few deep breaths can help with cannabis-induced panic and paranoia, just as with conventional anxiety. Begin by locating a comfortable, peaceful spot to lie down.

You might attempt various relaxation breathing exercises, such as diaphragmatic breathing into your abdomen. Another method is 4-7-8 breathing, which involves inhaling for 4 seconds, holding for 7 seconds, and exhaling for 8.

If counting and holding your breath sounds too stressful, concentrate on taking calm, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth instead. Doing this breathing exercise will help you focus on your breath and take your mind off your anxiety.

A breathing exercise won’t work well if your room still stinks of weed, here’s a helpful guide on how to hide the smell of weed in your room.

  • Stay Hydrated

It is usually a good idea to stay hydrated, especially when consuming cannabis. When you're high, your salivary glands are blocked, which causes your mouth to feel extremely dry. Cottonmouth can cause problems for even the most seasoned stoners, so keep some water or hard candies on hand.

Sipping and swallowing a cold beverage might also help you feel more at ease in your skin. Be careful what you drink; while coffee may sound like a nice way to wake up, it might make you feel more stressed.

Alcohol can amplify the effects of THC, so if you are already high, avoid reaching for a cold beer. The best option is to drink plain water or lemonade.

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