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Your Guide to DC Weed Laws (Is Weed Legal in DC?)

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DC weed laws are some of the most progressive in the country. The District of Columbia legalized medical marijuana in 2010 and decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana in 2014. In 2015, DC voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative to legalize weed for recreational use – making it one of only a handful of places in the United States to do so. In this article, we will discuss the various laws governing the use of weed in the District and where to get premium quality weed in DC.

The Ins and Outs of DC Weed Laws

Although weed has been legal for quite some time now, a majority of the residents and tourists are not familiar with the ins and outs of DC weed laws. This can result in people inadvertently breaking the law and getting into trouble with the authorities. The sections below will help you understand the various Washington DC weed laws so that you can use and enjoy your weed without any problems.

Is Weed Legal in DC?

Yes, weed is legal in DC for both medical and recreational purposes. Medically prescribed weed is given to patients by licensed dispensaries. These patients have to present a medical marijuana card to medical dispensaries to acquire their cannabis products.

Recreational cannabis is less rigid and gives cannabis lovers a much easier option to get weed in DC. All you have to do is visit an Initiative 71 Compliant store (like ours) and order online. Every purchase comes with a free weed gift of your choice. We’ll get more into detail about it below.
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What Is Initiative 71?

Initiative 71 is a voter-approved ballot measure that made it legal for adults 21 and older to possess and grow small amounts of weed in DC. The initiative also legalized the use of marijuana paraphernalia and created a system to tax and regulate the sale of recreational cannabis.

This initiative was the result of years of dedication by people who have pushed to make cannabis legal both recreationally and recreationally. Let’s take a look at how marijuana became legalized in the District, beginning with its inception.
In 1998, the residents of DC voted to legalize the use of medical marijuana for patients suffering from illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, and glaucoma to possess and use weed for medicinal purposes. However, Congress passed the Barr Amendment preventing the District’s use of funds to implement and support the medical cannabis program. This shattered the hopes of many people who were in favor of the legalization of medical marijuana.
In 2009, DC Council members made a second attempt to pass a law that would allow for the use of medical marijuana. The bill was passed and signed into law by then-Mayor Adrian Fenty. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that the legalization of medical cannabis was formalized, allowing dispensaries and cultivation centers to operate following an arduous permitting process.
The first marijuana dispensary sale to a patient occurred in 2013, 15 years after the initial approval of Initiative 59. The DC Council voted to decriminalize marijuana possession a year later due to the overwhelming number of voters who approved the Initiative 71 ballot on November 4, 2014. This finally legalized the recreational use of cannabis in Washington, DC.
Initiative 71 was passed by 64 percent of voters, and it took effect three months later, on February 26, 2015. The following section will discuss additional Initiative 71 laws and regulations in greater detail.

Can You Smoke On Federal Land?

Even though weed is legal at the state level, smoking on federal grounds remains illegal because marijuana is still considered an illegal drug on the federal level. Federal law enforcement officers can arrest people within city limits for possessing any amount of cannabis.

Federal grounds are any areas that are controlled by the federal government. This includes 18 square miles of land in DC, which is about 29% of the city’s total land area. Examples of federal property include military property, national parks, monuments, The White House, and public housing projects.
Smoking on federal land is a serious crime that can result in significant penalties, including up to a $1,000 fine and imprisonment for up to 180 days. It’s considered a misdemeanor, and there is no felony charge regardless of how many times someone gets arrested for it.

Recreational Marijuana Laws

Initiative 71 has some very odd laws. However, getting familiar with these laws is the first step required to get legal cannabis in the District. Here are some of them;

  • Smoking marijuana on federal property is strictly forbidden. The federal government owns about 29% of DC land. These lands include parks and military zones. Avoid toking up in these areas.

  • You can only receive and gift weed but not sell or buy.

  • Individuals of age can possess up to two ounces of marijuana and grow up to three mature marijuana plants in their homes.

  • Individuals are allowed to transfer up to one ounce of marijuana plants to another person.

  • The law charges a fine for consuming marijuana in public.

  • Driving while high is prohibited and could result in a DUI charge.


Free Weed Gifts for Washington DC Residents & Tourists

In DC, recreational weed is gotten through a gifting system. This means that you cannot buy or sell recreational weed, but you can give it away for free. The maximum amount that can be gifted is one ounce of cannabis per person. If you’re over 21 years of age and have a valid ID, you can go to a recreational weed shop like us and ask for a free gift of weed.

Now that you’re educated on the basics of DC Weed Laws – enjoy some free weed gifts from one of the top-rated i71 compliant shops in DC. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a DC resident or just a tourist looking to have some cannabis fun. To get your weed gifts, all you have to do is visit our website, pick a free I71 gift, select your fitness plan, and pick it up from the store!

How to Order Free Marijuana Gifts from Hidden Gym DC

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Here’s how to order:

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