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Top 15 Funny Weed Memes in 2021

funny weed

It’s 2021 and weed memes are still all the rage. Some of these hilarious pictures might even make your day-and this article is full of them! Check out our list of the funniest weed memes below for some laughs.

15 Dope Memes To Get You Through Your Day

Here are some of the funniest weed memes out there:

Very Important Question


Sorry Officer, I Only Drive Hybrids


A Late Night Snack

night snack

Wheel Of Fortune

I will laugh in serious situations.

It’s A Holiday Every Day!


It’s Honest Work

Honest Work

Who Knew?

jail for weed

Music Is Just More Than Just A Sound

smile amazing

Say What Now?

cooking pasta

Please Don’t Stop, Please Don’t Stop.

rolling a joint

You good?


When your soul leaves your body.

I was today years old when I found out.

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