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The Latest Weed Products At Washington DC’s Top Dispensary

As the cannabis industry continues to thrive each year, marijuana brands and dispensaries alike expand their product ranges to include new and innovative cannabis goods to cater to every type of weed consumer. From developing new accessories for smokers to producing marijuana foods and beverages for nonsmokers, there’s something for everyone.

At the center of the latest products is Washington DC’s top dispensary, Hidden Gym focused on a health-centric approach to gifting cannabis to customers after purchasing a workout plan. The store is renowned for premium quality weed as well as an exciting lineup of products for beginner and veteran consumers to try.
Here are the newest cannabis products to shop at Washington DC’s top dispensary.
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Top Shelf Flower

Just as the name suggests, top-shelf weed is the highest-quality cannabis flower on the market with the most potent strains. They’re so aptly named because they are placed on the top product display shelf at a dispensary for greater visibility and easier accessibility. What makes top-shelf flowers stand out is that industry experts cultivate them to maintain their intense flavors and aromas.

This cannabis flower is identifiable by its thick and chunky buds that are compactly trimmed and have a fluffy and sticky appearance and texture. Hidden Gym, one of Washington DC’s premier dispensaries, offers new cannabis products such as top-shelf flowers of hybrid and Indica strains. These include Black Runts, Pebble Wreck, Gucci Fruit, and Spritzer. These thick flowers retail for $40 and are noticeable by their distinct dark purple hue and punchy, fruity flavors.

Infused Gummies

The weed edibles market has come a long way in product development and expansion by creating infused gummies. These are edibles that are made with a variety of marijuana material such as flower strains, psychedelics, concentrates and liquid extracts, terpenes, cannabinoids THC, and CBD as well as terpenes.

The highest quality gummies from top Washington DC dispensaries and premium brands WYLD are made from real fruit to enhance their natural taste. They come in an assortment of candy-coated styles like fruit chews, gummy bears, fruit cubes, and candy squares. Choose from the many different flavors of sour, sweet, and fruity all enhanced with Sativa, Indica, and hybrid weed strains for a balanced high and tasty munching session.

Premium Exotic Flower

Premium exotic flower is for weed product lovers with a taste for the extraordinary and uncommon cannabis flower. This type of flower is characterized by its unusual experimental blends that lead to unique flavors, aromas, tastes, smells, and appearances while often grown in other parts of the world.

When it comes to sampling new cannabis products as a top dispensary in Washington DC, Snow Caps with the new Georgetown Glacier exotic flower strain. It was developed to give customers an energetic full body high that can boost creativity, relaxation, and happy euphoria.

Pebble Treats And Cookies

Pebbles treats combine childhood nostalgia with the contemporary use of cannabis flower munchies. These lab-tested rice crispy cereal snack from Can-A-Bles is freshly baked using butter and a variety of highly potent cannabis flowers. When visiting a Washington DC dispensary, select from the fruity and colorful or the dark cocoa hazelnut flavors for a sweet or earthy and nutty taste.

When craving a whole munchy edible on-the-go the Can-A Cookies baked cookies come in sweet and savory flavors such as chocolate chip, raisin, and fruity ranger. These infused flower strains lead to a high sensation that satisfies your tastes and enjoy a weed-edible snack product.


As the ultimate smoker’s cannabis product, classic pre-rolls will always be a weed fan favorite at any Washington DC dispensary. These are the premade and rolled joints and blunts that contain cannabis flowers rolled inside and are ready to light up after purchase.

Many pre-rolls are infused with concentrates and extracts for an enhanced flavor and intense potency. Select your preference of premium or exotic flower blended pre-roll cones rolled in the raw paper that comes in standard or king-sized and singular or three-pack quantities. This product is handmade and rolled in-house by expert budtenders to ensure the highest quality.

CBD And THC Tincture

As one of the first products developed by the cannabis industry after legalization laws, cannabis oil tinctures are produced for their medical benefits. These include anti-inflammatory properties as well as helping to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain and are also known to assist in inducing sleep for insomnia marijuana patients.

These tinctures are ingested orally under the tongue or swallowed using a dropper tool. They can be gifted by a weed dispensary in Washington DC after buying a workout plan. They are known to be highly effective and potent due to the ratio of THC and CBD in the tinctures and are thus recommended for weed lovers with a high dosage tolerance.

Live Resin Cartridges

Vape lovers are in for a treat with the Sauce Live Resin Cartridges designed to enhance smoking sessions with top-shelf flower live resin concentrate extract that is highly potent, flavorful, and promotes relaxation.

Enjoy discreet and convenient vaping on the go with the sleek pen and cartridge with a rechargeable battery and a wide array of India, Sativa, and Hybrid strain types. From classics such as Grandaddy Purp and King Kush to movies like Platinum Rose and NYC Sour. There are also Sauce carts that contain highly potent full cannabis terpenes for long-time cannabis connoisseurs.


Washington DC’s top dispensary has a new lineup of exciting product ranges with every weed customer in mind. Top-shelf cannabis flowers, prerolls, and vape pens are must-haves for smokers who enjoy highly potent and flavorful weed in dozens of relaxing and energizing euphoria.

What’s more, tasty edibles such as cookies, infused gummies, and pebble treats are available when the munchy cravings hit. All these products come in various cannabis strains, enhance the taste, and make for delectable snacks. CBD and THC tinctures are available for cannabis consumers looking to benefit from the therapeutic effects of marijuana. It’s no doubt why Hidden Gym remains a staple in the DC weed dispensary market.

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