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Can-A-Cookies [50mg]

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Each gummy is made with distillate extracted from indoor-grown and cured hand-trimmed hemp flowers. Before infusion, we ensure potency, purity, quality with taste testing and third-party lab testing. Rather than spraying candy down with distillate, we infuse our gummies to ensure a delicious fruity taste while avoiding any plant taste you may get with sprayed sweets. We infuse Kush Kolectiv 1:1 Gummies with one pat hemp-derived THC to one part hemp-derived CBD. These gummies can target issues like muscle tension, mood, and aches and pains. Because hemp-derived THC is a psychoactive, experiment with dosage to find what works for you by starting with a low dose over a more extended period. Each gummy contains 50mg of total cannabinoids, allowing you to experience the benefits of both CBD and THC for maximum relief.

50mg (25 per piece)

Initiative 71 Compliant. All purchases of art come with a gift.

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