2.5 g Flower Dept. Liquid Diamonds Disposable Cartridge


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Flower Dept 2.5G Liquid Diamonds live resin disposable vape Cannabis concentrates have become more popular over the years. They are two of the most sought-after THCA diamonds and live resin. Liquid diamonds are a blend of THCA diamonds and live resin sauce, while live resin is made from fresh, uncured cannabis plants. Flower Dept. Disposable Vapes are a type of disposable vape pen designed for convenience and ease of use. They are compact, portable devices that come pre-filled with a built-in battery.

Initiative 71 Compliant. All purchases of a workout plan will come with a gift.


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Blue Jammers (Indica), Colada Pintz (Sativa), Cough Berry (Hybrid), Dirty Sprite (Hybrid), Grape Ape (Indica), Lemon Cherry Tropics (Sativa), Sunday Split Cone (Hybrid), Tripple Punch (Sativa), Waterlato (Indica)


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