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I 71 Compliant Shops [A Beginner’s Guide]

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Weed is becoming more and more popular across the country as states are beginning to decriminalize it. Washington, DC, is one of the leading states for cannabis because its laws and policies are favorable. However, getting weed in DC can be tricky for cannabis enthusiasts who do not have a fundamental understanding of how i71-compliant shops in DC operate.

In this article, we will discuss Initiative 71-compliant shops in DC and how they work. We will also provide a beginner’s guide to understanding the weed laws in Washington, DC so that you can enjoy your experience at an I71 shop safely and legally.

Is Weed Legal In DC In 2022?

Yes! As of November 2014, the DC Council unanimously voted to decriminalize cannabis possession in small amounts. This means that you will no longer be arrested or sentenced to jail time for possessing up to two ounces of cannabis in the District of Columbia.

However, it is still illegal to buy or sell cannabis in Washington because the sale of cannabis is still federally illegal. Therefore, Washington, being the capital state, had to clarify their stance and regulations on cannabis to prevent any possible conflict with the Federal government.
To do this, Washington enacted several weed laws and policies to regulate the use and sale of cannabis within the state. These laws are known as Initiative 71 or I-71. However, I-71 made it legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to two ounces of cannabis for personal use.
Weed users still got in trouble for smoking in public or consuming cannabis in public places because it was difficult to find a private place to consume it. According to the DC weed laws, “Public place” refers to streets, sidewalks, alleys, parks, or parking areas. It also covers a vehicle on any street, alley, garden, or parking area and any place to which the public is invited.
Also, cannabis users would be penalized for operating a vehicle or boat under the influence of marijuana, possessing more than two ounces of cannabis, or selling cannabis for cash compensation.
Despite these penalties, the decriminalization of cannabis has been largely successful in Washington. There have been no reports of a significant increase in crime or public disorder since I-71 was enacted.

Initiative 71 - The Gifting System

As stated earlier, it is illegal to sell weed in DC. However, some people found a loophole in the law by “gifting” cannabis instead of selling it.

The gifting system is when someone buys cannabis from a dispensary and then gives it to another person as a gift. Under the gifting system, an adult(21+ years) can give two ounces of cannabis to another as long as there is no exchange of money. This means you can get weed in DC from a dispensary when purchasing an item from the store.
The gifting system is not technically illegal because there is no money exchange for cannabis. DC weed laws expressly prohibit selling cannabis for cash compensation. However, some people argue that the gifting system is a way to circumvent I-71 and sell cannabis without a license.
In any case, the gifting system has made it easier for people to find cannabis in Washington. You can simply go to a dispensary, buy an item from the store, and then receive cannabis as a gift.

Staying I71 Compliant

Now that you understand the basics of the DC weed laws, you can easily stay I71 compliant when using cannabis in Washington. Remember that you can only possess up to two ounces of cannabis for personal use and must be 21 years or older.

It is also vital to note that smoking cannabis in public places is still illegal. You can only consume cannabis in private residences, apartments, or hotels. You should also never operate a vehicle or boat under the influence of marijuana.
If you want to give cannabis as a gift, you can do so under the gifting system. Note that you can only give away up to two ounces of cannabis, and no exchange of money can be involved. Lastly, visit a licensed dispensary or shop to get high-quality weed.
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I71 And The Penalties

Although DC is friendly with its cannabis laws, breaking any of these rules would result in some penalties. For instance, if a person under 21 years has more than two ounces of cannabis, it will be seized. And the individual may spend up to 6 months in jail.

If a person is found selling weed in the capital, the person might spend up to 5 years in jail and be fined up to $50,000!

DC Initiative 71 - The Essential Details

With all these factors listed, it’s safe to say that DC is an excellent place for cannabis enthusiasts. However, there are still some essential I71 details you should know. They include:

  1. Understanding that I-71 does not legalize selling, buying, or trading cannabis.

  2. Cannabis lovers are free to grow their own cannabis at home.

  3. Cannabis use is only tolerated in private residences – it is still illegal to use it in public places.

  4. You can only gift up to two ounces of cannabis at a time.

  5. It’s vital to know that I-71 does not protect you from being fired from your job for using cannabis.

Understanding all these details will help you stay on the right side of the law and ensure that you have a great time enjoying cannabis in DC.


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