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Hidden Gym Unleashes GOGO Deals: 2X Cannabis, No Extra Cost

Step into Hidden Gym, DC’s premier destination for i-71 and i-81 compliant cannabis gifting, conveniently located on 14th street. Our latest GOGO deals redefine your visit, transforming it into a dual experience of fitness and premium cannabis delights.

Our GOGO deals at Hidden Gym are like a treasure trove of free goodies, including cool stuff like exotic flowers, strong concentrates, pre-rolled joints, yummy edibles, and more. When you purchase a workout plan, you get double the marijuana treats without any extra charge. It’s a special offer that combines the best of fitness and cannabis, making your time at Hidden Gym totally one-of-a-kind.
So, get ready for a unique experience that’s all about staying fit and enjoying some extra perks!

The History of Hidden Gym

Before we delve into the exciting GOGO Deals, let’s take a moment to explore the rich history of Hidden Gym. From its inception to becoming a staple in DC’s i71 scene, Hidden Gym has been committed to providing a unique and holistic approach to well-being.

With over 1000+ 5-star reviews, we proudly hold one of the highest ratings in the Nation’s Capital. Our journey began on July 4, 2021, when we transformed a space once occupied by a spin cycling studio into a unique establishment.
Nestled on 14th St NW between Church and P St. NW, Hidden Gym isn’t your typical cannabis spot. Upon arrival, our friendly security team will greet you, requesting your ID just like any other gifting shop. However, the magic truly begins as you’re guided through a secret door concealed behind a shelf of workout equipment, leading you through a locker room to the real hidden gem – Hidden Gym!
Once inside, the open floor plan unfolds, revealing display cases and shelves on your right, a vibrant LED neon-style light on your left, and the checkout counter at the front. Please note that we operate on a cash-only basis, but don’t worry – an ATM is conveniently located on-site. The concept for Hidden Gym emerged from its name, reflecting the owners’ athletic vibe, and many patrons, like you, discover us while seeking CBD pain relief products.
Catering to both tourists and DC locals, our store is strategically situated near popular dining and entertainment options in the Cardozo/Shaw area, such as La Diplomate, Barcelona Wine Bar, Ted’s Bulletin, and Thomas Circle Park.

How Initiative 71 Works

Initiative 71, enacted in February 2015 in Washington, D.C., is essentially a set of laws that changed how the city deals with cannabis. It allows adults aged 21 and above to legally possess a small amount of marijuana for personal use. This amount is limited to two ounces, so you can have that much weed without facing legal trouble.

Beyond possession, i71 also permits individuals to grow their own cannabis plants at home. You can have up to six plants, but only three of them can be mature at any given time.
The interesting twist is that businesses, like Hidden Gym, operate within the boundaries of i71. This legislation opens up opportunities for these businesses to legally gift cannabis products. At Hidden Gym, for instance, they offer a range of complimentary cannabis gifts, from flowers and concentrates to edibles and even magic mushrooms.
gift hidden Gym

Introducing GOGO: Gift One Get One

Now, let’s unravel the magic behind Hidden Gym’s GOGO Deals. GOGO, short for Gift One Get One, is our way of enhancing your Hidden Gym experience. Discover how this revolutionary concept allows you to receive double the cannabis goodies without any extra expense.

GOGO Gifts Available

Explore the array of GOGO gifts awaiting you at Hidden Gym. From exotic flowers to potent concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, and more, we’ve curated a diverse selection to elevate your cannabis experience.

GOGO gifts start as low as $10, allowing you to double up on your favorite cannabis products without breaking the bank. Additionally, our GOGO deal extends to flower, enabling you to enjoy double the flower for the same workout plan price. Choose from any of our 3 tiers to customize your cannabis experience.
It’s important to note that Hidden Gym operates under i71, making all these fantastic items complimentary with the purchase of a workout plan. So, not only do you get to elevate your fitness routine, but you also enjoy the added bonus of premium cannabis products at no extra cost.
Here’s a list of available GOGO gifts:
  • Medicated Capsules

  • Live Resin

  • Diamonds

  • Syringes

  • 1g Disposable Carts

  • 2g Disposable Carts

  • House Carts

  • Packwoods

  • Infused Prerolls (5 packs per jar)

  • Moonrock Prerolls

  • House Edibles

For information on workout plan pricing, please check our online menu or call us at (202) 568-0094 during store hours and we’ll be happy to help you out!

How to Order Online

Ready to embark on your GOGO adventure? Skip the line when you pre-order online! Hidden Gym offers one of the easiest online ordering processes. All you need to do to pre-order weed in DC is:

  1. Choose your free I-71 gift

  2. Purchase a workout plan in exchange

Your order will be ready in 30 mins or less. Just go straight to the register and pick up your order.
If you have any questions regarding our products or ordering process, feel free to call us at (202) 568-0094 or chat with us on Whatsapp.

Cannabis Conclusion

In conclusion, Hidden Gym stands as a unique haven, seamlessly merging the realms of fitness and cannabis within the vibrant landscape of Washington, D.C. Our GOGO offerings redefine the traditional workout experience, inviting you to explore a world where wellness meets pleasure. With a commitment to compliance under Initiative 71, Hidden Gym ensures a legal and enjoyable atmosphere for patrons seeking both fitness and cannabis delights.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of exotic flowers, potent concentrates, or the enchanting world of magic mushrooms, Hidden Gym’s diverse array of GOGO gifts caters to every preference. As we continue to break barriers, providing hassle-free access to premium cannabis, our GOGO deals sweeten the deal, allowing you to double the delight without doubling the cost.

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